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Photos from sixth module of the European tour in Brussels 2009

Frank O. Baumeister from the UEAPME, who is standing on the left of the photo, welcomed the Brussels EACD delegation in the meeting room. The signing committee consists of former president Franz Bamberger, president Jürgen Prigl, and vice-president Franz Waldner.

Even during the breaks, there was plenty of constructive discussion of the topics, lectures and papers.

The short walk with the stone slab on a handcart through the streets from the UEAPME to the European Parliament building took about 20 minutes, but would only have taken half as long if passers-by hadn’t been so interested.

Austrian member of the EU Parliament Agnes Schierhuber welcomed the EACD, of whose advisory committee she is a member. This was followed in the plenum by explanations and illustrations of the work and function of the EU Parliament.

An approximately 100 million years old cephalopod/ammonite had been deposited in the Soest slab of “Anröchter” dolomite and turned to stone. Embedded opposite it is the new emblem of the European Master of Craft ® made of metamorphically crystallised.

Moving quickly on from the Parliament building to the Commissariat, we arrived a further 20 minutes later at the stone memorial to Robert Schumann, the campaigner for a united Europe.

On the occasion of the completion of the tour, Hendrik Mattenklodt, who led the prayers at the public service of the EACF, had travelled from St. Maria zur Wiese in Soest to Brussels.

In the course of the meeting on the 10th floor, EACD president Jürgen Prigl, cathedral builder in Soest, presented a stone emblem of the new Master of Craft ® qualification to cabinet member Dr. Bernd Bierviert from the Commission for General and Vocational Training, Culture and Youth. This artistic piece of inlay work was created by the firm of former president KR TR Franz Bamberger in Traiskirchen near Vienna.

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