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Images of the General Assembly in 2010 in Cologne and Munic

Cologne Cathedral, the national symbol of Gothic architecture in Germany, has two 158 metre towers. The construction of the current suspending scaffolding on the North Tower is impressive.

In the secluded inner courtyard of the Cathedral Workshop, everybody enjoyed a refreshing snack before taking part in an unusual tour - lasting several hours - through Cologne Cathedral.

Inside the building, Prof. Dr. Barbara Schock-Werner, chair of the "International Association of Master Cathedral Builders", and also of the EACD's advisory board, explained, among other things, the astonishing mosaic art.

The original sketch of the west view of Cologne Cathedral, an unbelievably detailed drawing on four-metre high medieval parchment, was revealed for the benefit of the members of the EACD.

First the group went up in the lift from the north side to high scaffolding...

...and then to one of their favourite places, in the centre of the "Vierungsturm"...

...where the master cathedral builder allowed her guests, from 10 countries, a brief pause so they could catch their breath.

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