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2014, Budapest

The impressive Gothic Revival style Hungarian Parliament complex is located directly on the beautiful blue Danube.

Jànos Kampfl, left, and Tamás Csapucha, official representatives of the Hungarian National Guild that is hosting EACD, are welcomed by Ms Emese Tóth. Ms Emese Tóth is Head of the Secretariat of one of the governing parties.

EACD was officially welcomed in Parliament by Csaba Pap, Head of the Secretariat of the Speaker of Parliament.

EACD was allowed to hold their Budapest Executive Committee meeting in the conference hall of the Hungarian parliament.

The main staircase of the Parliament is considered by most people to be a suitable place for group state photos, as it was for EACD with President Jean Paul Foucher in the centre.

One thing is certain: everyone can learn something from Hungarian hospitality. Egészségedre / To your health!

Participation is mandatory in the main stonemasonry conference that has been held for many years by the Hungarian National Federation of stonemasons.

Attila Varga, "first generation" European Master of Craft, receives a prestigious award presented by the Hungarian President János Kampfl and his predecessor Arnold Dall'Asta, a veteran of the Soest round out of which EACD emerged in 2003.

The conference enjoyed a very high participation rate: the Hungarian stonemasons are very active. This fact is not lost on EACD.

EACD honorary member Gabriella Csanádi, the European bridge builder of Hungary, again contributed much to the success of the meeting.

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