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2012, Salzburg

The EACD moved to Salzburg to celebrate the official end of the second EMC Tour. The Salzburger Landesinnung (regional Guilds) and the town of Salzburg, together with the HTL director Franz Kurz and the Vice President of the Austrian Federal Council, Susanne Neuwirth, proved wonderful hosts. Indeed, EACD meetings should always feature talks by professionals and sightseeing tours with experts.

A view of Salzburg and its surroundings from...

... the Castle, where the room for the celebratory dinner was reserved. The successful candidates and new European Masters of Craft were accompanied by their life partners. This ensured that the EACD party, which was already merry, went with a swing.

Past President Franz Bamberger, the acting Chairman, gave Corry Kussendrager her certificate. As the first woman to be gain it, she, ....

... together with Adi Moser, who is almost a stonemason Granddad, brought the Tour to a successful conclusion in an exemplary manner, and deserves a mention for this reason alone...

... as is Mario Völlmin, acknowledged to have produced the very best work, from among a truly praiseworthy set of participants.

The magnificent seven new Masters in front, from the left: Mario Völlmin, Adi Moser, Carlo Schott, Bernhard Hasenöhrl, Daniel Müller, Corry Kussendrager, and Aaron Knust. With the Certification Committee and other members of the Chairmanship behind them.

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