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Photos from the eacd-meeting in in Ljubljana 2007

Official reception at the City hall of Ljubljana by the Lord Mayor Zoran Jankovic

Some students who are currently on the European Tour participated as well. From left to right: Vice President Franz Waldner, President Jürgen Prigl, EACD coordinator Breda Potočnik, members of the Advisory Board: Lojze Peterle, Georg Obererlacher, Bernhard Wolf, Hendrik Mattenklodt (Priest), Thomas Gißke, Andreas Schröder

EACD Advisory Council member Lojze Peterle, a high ranking politician, playing the mouth organ: a musical treat

Breda Potočnik, charming host and excellent organiser of the EACD annual meeting held in her country

During the visit to the parliament building, which offered an insight to the state affairs of Slovenia at first hand, the EACD members were welcomed by the President of the Council, Janez Sušnik

Singing stonemasons entertaining at the marble factory Hotavlje, where the meeting took place

Georg Obererlacher presented a positive intermediate report on the participants of the EACD Tour for future European Masters of Craft ®

Underground, in the stone quarry at Hotavlje and then to the marble factory at Sezana and finally to Lipizza

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