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Photos from the eacd-meeting in in Luxemburg 2008

In front of the Chambre des Métiers du Luxembourg building on the Kirchberg, in the heart of the European sector. Third from the left is Will Schott, head of the craft guild of stonemasons, which proved to be an excellent host.

There are superb rooms and opportunities for presentations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the little state with a lot of European soul.

EACD counsellor Dr. Dietrich Karner, chairman of the Generali board of directors, on the left at the edge of the photo, spoke in favour of documenting the tour in book form. The proposal by Prof. Dr. Barbara Schock-Werner, master builder and chair of the advisory committee (second from the right), to start planning a second tour was unanimously accepted.

The highly informative guided tour of the UNESCO world heritage site led by an art historian took place in the afternoon following the full meeting of the council.

Many monuments provide proof of history, as many a Luxembourger says, cryptically and yet off-handedly, about the history of his country: We became smaller and smaller, and more and more important

After the tour of the town, at the entrance to the office of prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker, a member of the EACD’s advisory committee.

The photographer, EACD vice-chairman Franz Waldner, comes from Laas (South Tyrol). Before setting off for home, and together with two married couples - the hosts and the president and his wife - he paid a visit to a military cemetery. All over the world, by means of white crosses made of marble from Laas, the United States government remembers those who fell during the horrors of World War II.

An initial editorial meeting with those who took part in the tour took place not actually in Luxembourg, but as decided there. The photo shows people taking a breather in the fresh air on the Watzmann.

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