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Lecture at the EACD General Assembly in Vienna by Jürgen Prigl

The origins of our EACD, which we founded in Brussels in 2003, started around 20 years ago. From the beginning, the association of the Hungarians played an important part in setting up our organisation. I will never forget a speech at the start of one of our "Soest meetings" which referred to the historic moment when the Iron Curtain fell. This was in a speech by Hungarian president Arnold Dall’Asta, and in consultation with him, it is my pleasure to present this tribute to Gabriella Csanádi.

In your incomparable way, you have played your part in developing the initially delicate contacts into strong bonds: delightfully, reliably and consistently. Many good things have come about, and continue to thrive. You have found your place in all our hearts.
In the name of all our members, it is my pleasure to award you, today, honorary membership of the EACD. Now it is official! All of us thank you, and we look forward to many more years together with you.

I will continue with the conclusion of one more all-round resolution. This is about a person who has already received many honours, something he really isn't so sure about, and I mean TR KR Franz Bamberger.

For every civilised society, it is of elementary importance that successful businessmen involve themselves intensively right from the start as functionaries for a good cause. Having the privilege of knowing you is an enrichment for all our lives. Without you, things would not have developed in the way that they have, and certainly not as well. In the name of the EACD, and for the many services you have rendered, I declare you to be our honorary president. Now it is official! We thank you, and our best wishes for this office accompany you.

Vienna, September 9, 2011

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