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Authorized Master of Craft


A brief note about the Master Tour

The EACD offers this educational opportunity exclusively in the form of six two-week scholarships during a scheduled period of over 2 years. The selected participants have already acquired the highest degrees in their fields in their home countries, are reasonably mature and can conduct themselves successfully as independent personalities in unfamiliar terrain. The content and programs of the scholarships are coordinated by EACD, then organized and implemented by the directors of the institutions in the respective countries. The participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, while EACD is responsible for their accommodations and meals.


Qualifications 2009

Georg Obererlacher
Salzburg, -A-

Andreas Schröder
Attendorn, -D-

Attila Varga
Gödöllö, -H-

Bernhard Wolf
Berchtesgaden, -D-

Thomas Gißke
2010, Lippstadt, -D-

Best Practice Tour 2006-2009

Der Steinmetz und Europa
Zusammen lernen für die Zukunft

Written and illustrated by the graduates of the Master Tour

Preis 29,90 €

Qualifications 2012

Bernhard Hasenöhrl
Wals, -A-

Aaron Knust
Hamburg, -D-

Corry Kussendrager
Amsterdam, -NL-

Adolf Moser
Salzburg, -A-

Daniel Müller
Soest, -D-

Mario Völlmin
Basel, -CH-

Best Practice Tour 2010-2012

Stonemason in Europe

Written and illustrated by the graduates of the Master Tour

Preis 29,90 €

Audit Committee 2009-2012

DBM Juergen Prigl
DI Franz Waldner
KR TR Franz Bamberger

Audit Committee 2013-2014

DI Jean Paul Foucher
Marcial Lopez
DBM Juergen Prigl

Audit Committee 2014-2015

Marcial Lopez
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kippes
DBM Juergen Prigl

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