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2014, Strasbourg

In spring 2014 an extraordinary General Meeting was held at which a new President was appointed, the previous incumbent having retired from his appointment in his national organisation, and his delegate mandate having expired. The EACD combined this with the originally planned presentation in Munich of the book documenting the 2nd Tour, which was definitely completed after the successful examination of 7 participants.

The 2014 meeting in Strasbourg began inside the EU Parliament, where the new President Marcial Lopez represented the EACD for the first time in his official capacity.

EACD members benefited from an in-depth historical and timeless experience during a tour of the Strasbourg New Town by Prof. Klaus Nohlen.

All three organisations met up in Strasbourg on 8 November 2014 for a reception in the town hall: the EASMS, the Association for the Promotion of Stonemasons, and the EACD.

President Marcial Lopez and Advisory Board member Susanne Kurz, Vice President of the Federal Council of the Republic Austria, introduced the EACD.

Almost obligatory: exclusive insights are provided by experts and their explanations during on-site visits to the structure, and the workshops of the traditional Strasbourg cathedral stonemasons, which were at the heart of the medieval stonemasons' workshop organization.

A highly honoured guest, to the picture’s right: Richard Hauesser, former master mason at Strasbourg who ran the restoration work on the cathedral for many years.

Franz Waldner from Laas in South Tirol, 2nd from right; right from the start, he contributed massively to shaping and developing the EACD; he has been awarded Honourable Membership.

Father Donatus, aged 94, and the oldest member of the EACD Advisory Board, on his way to give a sermon in Strasbourg Cathedral, where the three organisations have gathered for a services in honour of the Four Holy Crowned Ones/ Quattro Coronati.

Father Donatus playing in Basel Cathedral during a visit to the local workshop...

...a model training station for candidates to the European Master of Craft ® of the EACD.

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